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Gifts For: The Girl Boss

girl boss gift guide
girl boss gift guide

Motivated women can be hard to buy for, because they have a habit of seeing what they want, and going after it. Let me help give you a few ideas with the girl boss gift guide I created!

  1. Marble Computer Cover - $20 Girl bosses like to feel a little fancy! She'll feel inspired while she works with a marble computer cover.
  2. Hair Tie Bracelet - $45 When ish hits the fan girl bosses need to put their hair up and get things done, but hair ties on a wrist aren't cute. This is the perfect solution.
  3. Stylish Headphones - $200 These fashionable headphones are all over Instagram. They came out right after I bought my Bose headphones, or I'd own these myself.
  4. Bossy Mug - $14 This cheeky mug will get any girl boss in the right mood to make some decisions and do some delegating.
  5. An Inspiring Read - $16 This is one of my favorite reads lately. For a list of other books I recommend, check out My Favorite Books.
  6. Bluetooth Speaker - $350 This is one of my all-time favorite purchases I made for my office. A little rap music goes a long way in my productivity, and this speaker has excellent sound.
  7. Bralette - $30 Some days girl bosses like to work from the couch, and when we do, we don't need an underwire holding us down. Wearing a cute bra adds to women's confidence, and confidence up-levels our work no matter what we are doing.
  8. Weekly Tear Sheet Planner - $12 I love using weekly tear sheet planners by Rifle Paper Co. to organize my weekly to-dos.
  9. Apple TV - $180 Girl bosses like to feel on the cutting edge of technology. After a long week of serving others, we need to unwind with some Hulu or Netflix.

I hope this makes the motivated woman in your life feel loved!

Xo! Sarah DeShaw