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I'm Sarah DeShaw. I have a minimalist's heart  and a business mind.


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The Sparkly Truth Project

Entrepreneurship is amazing and is for sure in the top 3 best decisions I've ever made in my life. But, it can be tough.

Like, really tough.

When I first started down this entrepreneurial path I used to get wishful, starry-eyed, and jealous seeing other peoples success and think to myself how lucky they were. Surely they had some connection, knowledge, or natural gift that I didn't have. Maybe they didn't deal with insecurity like I did, or maybe they were given an inheritance that allowed them to have space to create?

Honestly, how absurd are the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from our greatest dreams and plans?!

After 10 years of running businesses, and having other businesswomen confide in me, I can tell you from experience (and with full confidence!) that it has way less to do with luck and way more to do with focused flexibility, knowing your strengths, and knowing when to cut your losses. But most of all, I believe it requires a relentless commitment to your goals despite what life may throw at you.

If you're in the place of feeling like you're not sure you can start or persevere in your entrepreneurship journey, my favorite tip to offer you is to study women who have been there, struggled through, and succeeded. This always leaves me feeling like I can muster up some more grit and keep going. My friend Holly Diederich (pictured in this post) created a passion project where she interviewed 29 powerhouse women who are telling the real behind the scenes stories of their struggles before (or during) the success. The whole purpose of this series is to leave you feeling like, "If she can do it, I can do it too!" These stories include persevering in spite of: depression, fears, loss of relationships, burnout, getting scammed, bankruptcy and more. 

In this free inspirational series, you'll get one video interview delivered to your inbox each day in the month of February. CLICK HERE or visit to enter your email and get access to this project.


PS: You'll hear my story in the series on Feb 19th!