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Why Your Business Isn't Growing (Even When You're Marketing on Instagram!)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you take time away from finishing up a project with a client, or press pause on writing an urgent email, or even take distracted time away from your date night (oops!) to put together an amazing Instagram post that showcases your personality and creativity, anticipating that this. is. it!

This is the moment your talent will be seen and appreciated.

You publish your insta post and say to yourself, “I’ll definitely get some likes/inquiries/blog traffic after people see this.”

Then, it happens… again.

You get a disappointing number of likes, all from close friends and family, and the occasional industry friends, and your inbox is all crickets.

Bleh, discouraging. (But, hey! Thanks for the liking my photo, Mom!)

You think to yourself: “Wait a minute, I thought Instagram was supposed to help make me be successful?!”

Your other inner thoughts go a little something like this:

  • If I could just get the right eyes on my work, my business would totally explode!
  • Why does _____ get so many more likes than me, when I have more to offer?
  • Why are other peoples’ followings growing steadily, but mine seems to cap off at a certain number?
  • Where are all the clients at? Why aren’t they knocking down (or at least at) my virtual door?

You likely feel confused, anxious, or even downright upset. You just want to throw in the towel on marketing your brand on Instagram. Or, if you're having a really bad day you may even want to throw the towel in on your business altogether. 

I feel ya. I’ve been there. I know how frustrating it can be.

But, I know what the problem is. Knowing the problem is half the solution, so today I want to tell you what I think you *might* be doing wrong, so we can start getting you towards your solution.



The problem is, although you are likely very talented and have a lot to offer, your current model of marketing is off. The model you are using is called “hope marketing.”

Hope marketing is characterized by a lack of strategy. It’s putting something out there and essentially just hoping for the best. Maybe by an act of God, or sheer coincidence, things will work out, and you’ll get the result you’re hoping for. It’s a lot of wishing and dreaming, rather than a concrete, highly strategic plan in action.

If you’re not Selena Gomez or KKW, if you want to get eyes on your stuff you have to be intentional and strategic. (And, the reality is those ladies have been being very strategic about getting themselves noticed. Just for longer and in different ways than us. #sextape #brokebiebersheart (haha!)

All kidding aside, those ladies are obviously #crazyfascinating #insanelytalented and I have high respect for both of them as businesswomen.



So, what’s a modern entrepreneur to do if they want to get more clients through Instagram while maintaining authenticity and not make figuring this whole Instagram-for-your-business-thing a part time job?


You create an Instagram Influence Strategy.

You may be saying to yourself, “Umm… hold on. What does that even mean? And, where do I start?”

I'll be blogging more about this soon, but to get started make sure you download my FREE pdf "How I Grew my Instagram to Over 10,000 Followers"

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