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I'm Sarah DeShaw. I'm super passionate about pursuing freedom in a major way: financially, emotionally, physically & spiritually.  And, I love to help others do the same.


I have a minimalist's heart, and a business mind.


I'm a dreamer, an idealist, a clean fashion-lover, and an online educator. I help entrepreneurs looking for ways to streamline their businesses and lives. I help them do this so they can quiet down the noise and reconnect with designing a smart and authentically happy business + life based around what matters most to them. My forever mantra is "less, but better."


If you don't see me posting on Instagram or blogging about streamlining everything, I'm probably snuggling with my sweet and spunky pup Nora, or whipping up a healthy dessert in the kitchen that is so darn good that it tastes like it's bad for you. ;)

Want to connect? You can find me on Instagram, or send me an email.


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