Does implementing a proven system to gain followers + clients from Instagram sound dreamy to you?

I created this workshop so I can help you grow your business through helping you grow your Instagram following. 

In business, you want to network with the right people and turn as many potential clients into customers as possible. Although it’s flattering to get referrals from the same friend group or business acquaintance, you can only grow your business incrementally this way. I want to help you accelerate your business through introducing your business to brand new leads daily, so you can grow your business and expand your referral territory.

Now, instead of one or two possibly connected social circles referring you, you can have those, plus consistently introduce yourself to qualified leads (according to the custom strategy I’ll help you set up in the workshop).

I want to help you grow your following, so:

  • real, targeted customers can be introduced to your business every single day
  • you can be constantly planting seeds for a better business future
  • break through your following or financial plateau
  • get your message or product out there to help the people you want to serve

I remember when I would post photos that meant a lot to me and my work and hope they would get seen, only to see they got 12 likes. It’s so discouraging. This is the method most people use. This is called “hope” marketing. It’s would be extraordinarily unlikely to get anyone outside of your current business or personal network to notice your work if you leave it up to luck. If you’re in this boat, don’t worry! I’ll help you with that.

In this workshop I’ll show you how I’ve grown my Instagram following by a minimum of 1,000 authentic followers each month over the past three months.

On average, I gain between 35-50 authentic followers every day, but followers can be kind of an empty number to track when growing a business and honestly, it isn’t the end goal for me. This isn’t about inflating your ego, or growing numbers just for numbers sake. It’s about intentionally connecting with people who need what you have to offer.

My overall goal with my Instagram growth is to build my business through expanding my territory, and get my message out to the people who I can help through my products and services.

I’ve had clients who I’ve taught this strategy who tell me their confidence is growing along with their following. It helps them feel their business appears more legitimate, so they themselves are feeling more legit, so they are moving forward in their businesses with more force. Although I’ve helped clients who are gaining more likes and follows, more importantly those clients have received inquiries stating the clients found them on Instagram.

If you’ve met me before, you’ll know I’m big on outsourcing the low-paying busywork and stepping in where it matters. A lot of people don’t know it’s possible to have this type of dynamic when it comes to your Instagram growth.


  1. My Method
  2. Define Your Business Specific Strategy
  3. I'll teach you how and where to Outsource your Instagram Growth

My method is DIYing a tight and specific strategy (that I’ll share with you in the workshop), implement it, track it + repeat, so when you outsource it, you know you’re pointing exactly toward your goals.

This workshop is $50 and is on July 30th at 9AM. The workshop will last between1-2 hours, but depending on how many questions you guys have it could go longer. You can reserve your seat at this link: Keep in mind this is a workshop about outsourcing, so when you decide to outsource, there is generally a cost associated with that. Although you could outsource to an intern for free, I’ll share with you additional options that range from $6-50 per month. A higher cost doesn’t necessarily equal higher results. It’s more about making a decision that sits well with your comfort level.

Thank you so much for watching! You can email me at: sarah@sarahdeshaw.comif you have any questions about the workshop!

Can’t wait to help your business grow!




how to get eyes on your profile

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how to be irresistible, so potential clients can't help but click "follow"

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MODULE 3: profitability

how to turn followers into customers

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  • You still want to be involved in your social media through posting and replying to comments
  • You feel you have great content, but you need to get more eyes on it
  • You need that extra push of accountability to continue posting on your instagram account (knowing there are extra eyes on your profile will push you to post more often, and with higher quality!)
  • Instagram is one of your favorite social platforms, and you have a product or service to offer
  • You feel stuck at a certain number or level of Instagram influence


  • You’re looking to outsource the entire Instagram process. This course will outsource growing your following and exposure, but NOT the whole Instagram process altogether. You’ll still need to post and connect to your audience through replying to comments
  • You’re not comfortable allowing outside help in
  • You’re looking for a workshop to improve the look of your feed. This is a workshop about strategy. If you’re looking for a class on how to make your feed more beautiful, sign up here to get on the wait list to hear about when the course is live!

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