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22 Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

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8 Pre Booking Emails

  • Reply to Inquiry if You’re Available

  • Reply to Inquiry if You’re Unavailable
  • Reply to Inquiry if You Need More Information
  • Follow Up 1
  • Follow Up 2
  • They Decided to Book Someone Else
  • How Many Hours of Photography Coverage
  • They Want To Schedule an In Person Meeting


10 Post Booking Emails

  • Contract is Attached

  • Thank You for Booking

  • Scheduling an Engagement Session
  • Confirming Engagement Session
  • Thank You For Working With Us (Engagement)
  • Your Engagement Photos Are Done
  • If They Haven’t Sent in Their Forms
  • Wedding Schedule Confirmation
  • I Have an Upcoming Vacation
  • Out Of the Office Automated Response


4 Post Wedding Emails

  • Thank You For Working With Us (Wedding)

  • Your Wedding Photos Are Done

  • Requesting Feedback
  • Requesting a Review & Referral