As creative entrepreneurs, we can literally be and do ANYTHING we set our minds to. There is no limit to the income, flexibility, and opportunity out there. It's so dreamy!


BUT, all too often our dreams can feel like they're blowing up in flames when "life" happens.


Spoiler alert: It's not all as pretty as our Instagrams would lead you to believe ;)


Over the last year we've helped each other walk through: a disappointing health diagnosis, multiple moves, a substantial loss of income, a long-term business relationship gone bad, confidence dips from comparison, unmet expectations from ourselves and others, and more.

Through all this + over 10 years into self-employment each, we're proud because our "setbacks" have only made us wiser + stronger.

Over many FaceTime chats, we've figured out what it takes to become healthy-minded, successful entrepreneurs long-term. The deeper and more frequent these discussions became, we realized we figured out TONS of strategies on how to fast-track bouncing back after life's inevitable setbacks. 

We've come to the conclusion that if we don't have the right strategies to draw from it's way too easy end up exhausted, frustrated that it's not going fast enough, tempted to give up, and unhappy.

We want so much more than that for you, so we're going to teach you what we've learned.


We've supported each other, now we're going to support you.



The Resilient Entrepreneur

E-Course & community


After you go through The Resilient Entrepreneur E-COURSE, you'll walk away with:

  • Increased stamina; a renewed ability to stay in it for the long haul
  • Practical strategies to end fear and anxiety
  • Increased happiness and confidence
  • Tools to quickly get you back on a peaceful and productive path
  • Friends from The Resilient Entrepreneur Community

3 Week Breakdown:

WEEK 1: energy management

May 3rd @ 7pm Central (replay will be available in members area)

How is your energy? Do you feel encouraged, inspired, rejuvenated? Or tired, cranky, and out-of-sorts? This week we’ll teach you the keys to maintaining your energy so it can be used for the areas of your life that matter most. Learning about the four dimensions of energy and how to consistently supply each area with long-lasting momentum makes a dramatic difference in how you feel each day. We’ll also provide practical tips for embracing authentic self-care to maintain a constant energy supply!

WEEK 2: Boundaries for Peace & Productivity

May 10th @ 7pm Central (replay will be available in members area)

WOW, boundaries are life-changing! This week you’ll learn the active principles and techniques that make boundaries work for you- and your business. By embracing boundaries, and healthy emotional processing when we face challenges, we allow ourselves to “let the good in and keep the bad out.” This stress-relieving process creates an atmosphere of long-term entrepreneurial and emotional well-being.

WEEK 3: managing your MIND

May 17th @ 7pm Central (replay will be available in members area)

We move toward what we focus on. Is your thought life advancing you to success, greater fulfillment, and stability? Or anxiety, doom, and failure? This week we openly discuss mental roadblocks and how to reframe your mindset with daily routines and practical tips. You will also learn how to take control of the thoughts that harm you in order to replace them with peace, gratitude and a greater direction toward your unique purpose.

Oh my jeez I need this!

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Because we love ya so much, a bonus!


You'll get our tell-all guide of everything we use to keep our minds, bodies, and hearts on track! (Available in the members area on the course start date, May 3rd!)