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I'm Sarah DeShaw. I have a minimalist's heart  and a business mind.


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Ask Sarah: Should I start over?

Q: "Regarding how my Instagram aesthetic is now, would you recommend starting over once I define my look, or just staring a new look on top of all the old pics?" -@hayleyrueger

A: Since you have a personal brand that involves showcasing your personal life, I'd definitely recommend just starting a new grid style on top of your old pics. I'm actually starting a new look myself since a couple weeks ago!

Being a creative, your style will most likely evolve and be refined again (many times!) down the road. If you have great taste (and it looks like you do!), it can be tempting to only share what looks perfected, but I think your followers will appreciate your journey. They'll find you more relatable to see you grow and evolve, rather than just the final version of you.

Plus, it'll be rewarding to be able to scroll back and see the progress you've made and how you've grown. I hope that helps!