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Pre Plan Your Instagram Posts With These Apps

This week I've been thinking a LOT about pre planning for success. If there's one thing that will set you apart in your business momentum VS another slower moving business, it's clearing the small stuff off your plate and focusing on the profit drivers. 

When it comes to social media, this means pre planning your content for Instagram!

Content planning = freedom to create while knowing: 

1) your audience is consistently getting value from you, so you can build up your permission to promote later on
2) your marketing is consistent while you're busy creating (so you'll have someone to sell to once your done creating your next project!)

At minimum I recommend pre planning one week in advance, but my favorite is to plan a month or more ahead!

My favorite apps for pre planning my insta feeds are:


This is an online program & app that you can upload photos and text directly from your computer or iphone. If you are only planning 30 days out for one account this platform is free. This program will send a push notification to your phone so with a few clicks, your post will go live!

This is a great Insta post planning app. It's easy to use and free up to a certain number of pre-planned posts.

So much love and appreciation for you!