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4 Reasons Why Hiring a College Intern This Summer Will Skyrocket Your Small Business

Hiring a college intern for a semester will grow your business in a major way! Read below for the top 4 reasons I'll be adding interns to my business moving forward.

photo via  lotta agaton

photo via lotta agaton

1 - You will finally be able to work on the profit-rich needle moving tasks in your business

Have a project you've been meaning to complete, but it keeps getting put on the back burner? An intern can help you with that! You could teach your intern how to run your daily processes, so they get an education on how things work in your industry and you get to free up some time to finally work on that project you've been meaning to get to. OR, you could give your intern the opportunity to help work on your big project, so they have a great resume-builder when the internship is done!

2- It will keep you committed to your project deadlines

Nothing will help you get your projects done more quickly than staying committed to them! When you have to communicate your business goals and deadlines with a person you are mentoring, it adds an extra layer of accountability that those things will indeed get done!

3- You will see where you need to improve your systems

When you communicate your systems and processes to an intern in a way where they will be able to work them on their own, any holes you have in your systems will be made clear very quickly. If you don't have official business systems yet, this will quickly get your systems from in your mind to on paper.

4- You'll get a fresh set of eyes on your business

Getting a fresh perspective on your projects, brand, and processes will allow for new ideas and growth in areas you might not expect!

In my book, there's no better way to skyrocket your business than to focus on the profit-rich needle moving tasks, making sure you're staying on track and accountable to the projects you want to get done, improving your systems, and getting an outside perspective.

why hiring interns is awesome:

You'll get all of this in the list above, often without having to pay a dime. Most often, college interns work in exchange for college credit. Although there is an even exchange that happens, it doesn't require you to pay financially for this extra set of hands and eyes on your business for a semester.

Have you hired an intern before? What was your experience like? Or, are you interested in adding interns in your business, but haven't yet? What's stopping you? Leave a comment below!

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