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Why Entrepreneurs Should Try Drinking Chlorophyll Water

why entrepreneurs should try drinking chlorophyll water

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I’m sharing tips that have worked for me. Be sure to talk with your doctor about any health concerns you may be having.

One area that is VITAL to business success (and that can unintentionally get overlooked) is our personal health. This is something I’m very passionate about and something I’m consistently pursing. The reality is, in order to complete all your short- and long-term goals (and heck, enjoy the process and your resulting success!), you NEED to be operating as the best version of yourself: healthy, vibrant, and energized. This means getting regular exercise, taking time to process your emotions personally or with the help of a professional, staying hydrated, living in your values, taking time to build an empowering mindset, and eating healthy. All of this can start to feel like a LOT at times, so in order to make it feel lighter, I love to find fun little ways to add to my health. One of the ways I’ve been lovin’ to give myself an easy self care pick-me-up lately is by drinking chlorophyll water. (BTW, making chlorophyll water is SO simple - all you do is squeeze chlorophyll drops from an eyedropper bottle into a glass of water!) Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this pretty green drink!💚

Chlorophyll Water Detox

You might recognize the word chlorophyll from biology class; chlorophyll is the substance that makes plants green, and helps them absorb light in order to turn it into energy.🌱✨ When ingested by humans, it may help tissues repair, improve immune system responses, control hunger, and encourage better moods. Chlorophyll could be thought of as “plant blood”, and it has a similar effect in the body to our own hemoglobin (which are the awesome little red blood cells that do a ton of great things for you). It has tons of vitamins and minerals, and people are seeing some seriously great effects from taking it.

Just by adding chlorophyll drops to my water, I can get some awesome benefits like eliminating toxins, improving my liver function, increasing the oxygenation of my blood, and helping my gut stay healthy and happy (just to name a few). Best of all, chlorophyll water (which could also be called “chlorophyll detox water” because of all the awesome detox benefits) is super easy to use on the go. The little dropper bottles are small enough that I can carry one with me in my purse, or keep some stowed in my desk drawer. The bottle comes with a built-in eyedropper to make adding it to water a breeze. After taking it, I can feel my mental clarity improve, allowing me to tackle the rest of the day’s challenges with renewed energy!

If you’d like to give chlorophyll water a try, here’s a link to purchase chlorophyll drops from Amazon: Liquid Chlorophyll, or you could also easily find them in the supplement area of your local health food store.

Whether you add chlorophyll drops to your water 1-3x/day, you take a lunch break walk, or you decide to skip the burger and eat a tasty salad at lunch, make sure you’re doing what you can to maintain your health so you have the energy to tackle all of the tough challenges the entrepreneurial life can throw at you. All the teeny decisions you make to support yourself in wellness really do add up! By helping your body out, your body will be able to better help you out.💞

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