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3 Reasons Why Posting Selfies on Instagram Will Grow Your Following + Business

If you're growing a personal brand and want to grow your business with Instagram, your face NEEDS to be seen!

I get it though. I definitely resisted the whole selfie thing for a while. BUT, believe it or not, there are MANY great reasons to post pictures of yourself on Instagram. Today I'm sharin' three of them with ya!

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1. You'll get more engagement

Did you know it's statistically proven to raise engagement, meaning more likes and comments, when you post pictures of yourself on Instagram? Instagram is a social platform (AKA people are ultimately there to get a sense of connection with other people), so it makes sense that instagrammers naturally get more excited and interactive when they get to see the person behind the brand. 

When your post gets more engagement, it's seen as more important by the algorithm and will climb higher in rank. So, by posting selfies, your account will get seen more often, and may even get featured on the "popular" page!


2. It'll grow your account faster

If your posts are getting more engagement, and being seen as important by the algorithm, it's natural that your account will grow more quickly organically. And, even more so if you're implementing strategies to grow your brand's following! 

When potential followers come across your feed, they'll feel curious and stay longer to look around if they see photos of you. It provides a sense of connection and allows them to choose to root for you, and follow you, more often than if there weren't selfies on your account.


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3. Your audience will trust you

Lastly, by posting selfies your followers will know, like, and trust you even more!

If you want your audience to become clients, they need to trust you. When you are generous in sharing photos of yourself (especially if you’re making eye-contact with the camera!), that trust will inevitably built.

Think about it... who would you rather buy from? An instagrammer who rarely posts photos of themselves, or  one who is generous is sharing photos of themselves? Which one would you feel like you know better, and trust more?

Which one do you want your brand to be?


M'kay, action time!

Go post a selfie!

If you’re looking to grow your brand through Instagram, don’t let your profile picture be the only image of yourself on your feed. Make sure to post at least one selfie in every set of 9 photos at MINIMUM, so when people click over to your profile, they can easily find you without scrolling for days!😉

For accountability, DM me @sarahdeshaw and share your latest selfie post!

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