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Video Interview with Photographer's Edit

Being interviewed for this video was proof to me there's a bit of magic in following the nudges of my heart and gut. I took a chance and reached out to Nathan Holritz, the owner of the photo editing company I use in my wedding photography business, to ask if I could set up a phone meeting with him. I finished the beta version of the Rework Course, and I wanted to start building relationships to get the word out. It started out as a marketing strategy in my mind. The thing is, I've noticed in business networking the only relationships that produce noteworthy results are the genuine ones, so I knew I would need to get real with him right away.In our phone call I dove right in to tell him about how challenging the past couple years have been for me in business and with my health. I told him about the resulting shift in my business + life and told him about the Rework Course I created. Although I was nervous to be so vulnerable with him, I'm so glad I chose to. Nathan is kind and unapologetically genuine. He's deep, open, researched and a forward thinker. I've been so happy to learn there is this gem of a guy behind the editing company I use. Needless to say we had a fascinating conversation. Reaching out to Nathan has led to a really cool chain of events. I was blown away for him to ask me at the end of the conversation if he could fly a videographer to my house to interview me and share my story. His company facilitated in the change in my business and ultimately my life, so I gladly said yes. Click the play button below to watch the interview that resulted, or follow this link to watch the video on youtube:

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do things before you're ready in business and life. Make the connection. Write the email. Take the chance. Be true to yourself and just jump! The things that will unfold will be more than you could ask for or imagine.

What if they say no? Oh but darling, what if they say yes?

If you'd like to give Photographer's Edit a try, use the coupon code "freedom50" to get 50% off your first order!


Here's an iphone selfie I took when Nathan (he's on the right) was in town for the video shoot.

Have a fantastic day!

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