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How to Streamline Your Biz Budget

Learn how I take a minimalist approach to my business finances.

In the E-COURSE we'll cover:

  • Why bringing a minimalist approach to finances will give you peace + profitability
  • Why creating "rules" for your business finances allows you more freedom + flexibility financially (and what my rules are!)
  • The process I use to "audit" my business budget every year (Going through this process saved me thousands this year alone!)
  • The one thing you MUST do to bulletproof your business finances

instagram influence e-course

for small, but mighty businesses

Want to learn how to grow your influence on Instagram? This whole Instagram-marketing-thing works (and is probably why you're on my website right now)! It's very powerful, and also lots of fun! In one year I went from 1,600 followers to 10,000+, and grew my client list from Instagram. In this course we'll go over how to get your profile seen, how to make people want to click "follow," and how to expand your brand's reach by expanding your influence. Buy now for instant access!

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