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The Top 4 Energy Drains for Entrepreneurs & How to Solve Them

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We've all been there: wondering how it's possible to feel so drained when we don't have anything to show for it. If you're feeling like you just can't sustain the energy you once could in your biz, you probably have a sneaky energy leak going on. Here are the top 4 ways entrepreneurs unintentionally leak energy, and how to patch the leaks so you can get back to making your mark on the world.



Signs you have an energy leak in this area:

  • You regularly work more than 90 minutes without a break
  • You can’t think of the last time you went a week without working
  • You haven’t taken a weekend off in, well, you can’t remember
  • You regularly fall into negative thought patterns throughout the day

How to fix it:



Signs you have an energy leak in this area:

  • You get easily annoyed or anxious
  • You regularly put others' needs ahead of your own
  • Your schedule doesn’t align with your goals
  • You feel unappreciated
  • Netflix binges weekly

How to fix it:

  • Practice self-care daily, especially when life is hard.
  • Treat yourself, but make sure the treat doesn't hinder your short or long term goals.
  • Do one FUN, active thing a day!
  • Embrace visual rest; declutter your space.
  • Put it on the calendar; if you don’t schedule self-care, it doesn’t count!



Signs you have an energy leak in this area:

  • You have a pattern of getting to the end of a day and feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything
  • Everything feels like a top priority
  • You can’t define tomorrow’s goals
  • You’re checking email more than 2 times per day (does not apply to customer service reps)
  • Lack of condfidence as an entrepreneur

How to fix it:

  • Map out your top two to three needle-moving, values-based goals for the next day the night before.
  • Aim to complete these tasks before lunch. 
  • Do not check your email or get on social media until you complete these tasks.
  • After you're done with the needle-moving tasks, you can get to your tasky to-dos.



Signs you have an energy leak in this area:

  • General feeling of disconnection and apathy
  • You feel off balance, or like something is out of whack
  • Lack of passion or enthusiasm for your tasks

How to fix it:

  • Define what your current top 5 values are. 
  • Ask yourself, “What are the top 5 things that annoy me?” List them, and then write the opposite of each trait. Those are your top values. Incorporate them into your day!

Take Action Challenge!

Pick the “energy drain” area you felt most drawn to + commit to addressing it every day for the next week. Aim to do one active thing to help a day. Pay attention to how you feel! 

If reclaiming your energy is priority for you right now, I recommend downloading + printing the bulleted notes from this blog post.

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