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Declutter With The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge (Free Checklist!)


Today we’re talkin’ about what the 30 day minimalism challenge is, and I want to invite YOU to join me in the challenge!

I’m personally doing this challenge it to help freshen up my space so I can as clearly as possible and save more of my mental energy for my business and content creation this year. For me, a cluttered space definitely equals a cluttered mind. (By the way, if you want to read more about why I think decluttering is an ESSENTIAL practice for entrepreneurs, check out this related post: 4 Reasons Why Decluttering is a Crucial Practice for Entrepreneurs)

So here’s how the 30 day minimalism challenge works: on day 1 of the challenge you pick one item to declutter by donating it, recycling it, or throwing it away — (whatever makes the most sense for the item you picked) — and on day 2 you declutter 2 items, and on day 3, three items, and so on up until day 30 where you’ll declutter 30 items!

I know it can feel a little intimidating to declutter so many things each day, especially toward the end of the month… when it gets up to 28, 29, then 30 things for the day…. I’m totally feelin’ it too, which is why if you want to join me in this challenge I’m setting the standard that there is NO possible way to cheat or fail at this. You can declutter something as small as a paperclip or delete a photo from your camera roll, or something as large as a piece of furniture. ANYTHING goes! (And just keep in mind that even if you start this challenge, get three days in and call it, you’ll still have yourself a more streamlined environment than you did to start.)

I’ve done this challenge before and it got a little bit tricky because there were times I was out of town and missed a day, or I was really in a decluttering groove, but almost felt like I needed to “save” stuff to declutter for the next day (weird, I know!), so I designed a free printable worksheet to be flexible, but still keep you on track! There’s a box to check for each item on each of the days, so if you’re KILLIN’ IT and inspired to work ahead you can, or if you’re out of town it’s easy to catch up without feeling like you’re behind.

I’m going to post my checklist on the fridge and do a bit of decluttering each day I’m in town this month. I’m going to put a box in the garage where I’ll pile up the things that I’m going to donate, and donate it all at once at the end of the month, and toss or recycle everything else.

Now, I AM a little nervous because this adds up to 465 items and that DOES seem like a lot considering I’ve done many decluttering challenges over the years. But, we’ve had a few moves over the last few years and I feel like it’s time to do it again because I feel my most productive and most easy going when my space is really decluttered and efficient, so that’s what I’m going for!

If you feel like you have what it takes to do something a little crazy like this for the sake of more clarity and focus for the rest of the year, be sure to download my free printable worksheet. It’ll be sent directly to your inbox.

And, by the way, if you’re seeing this video later in the year, you can definitely still sign up and do this anytime! (Isn’t the internet glorious?!)

I’d love to see how the challenge goes for you guys, so definitely tag me on Instagram @sarahdeshaw sharing when you start the challenge and DEFINITELY share some of your best decluttering moments over the next 30 days. (I would absolutely love to check those out!)

I can’t wait to see how this goes for you guys!

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