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4 Reasons Why Decluttering is a Crucial Practice for Entrepreneurs


You get busy, you have back-to-back projects, and next thing you know the clutter has spread out and taken over. Whoops! 🤭 With the rise of books like “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, decluttering has never been more popular. And I get it. It’s amazing! But why is it extra important for entrepreneurs to keep their space clutter-free? Here are four simple reasons:

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1. Clutter is a distraction from your greatest work

Your greatest contribution (and greatest money making opportunities) often lie within a free flow creative process or taking time to focus on the less urgent, big picture work. Simply put, when you’re building your brand your attention needs to be on that. Any distractions decrease your brain power and become a liability. When you have unfiled paperwork, old receipts, or half-done projects lingering, part of your brain power WILL be devoted to those things, whether you like it or not. Simplifying your space through decluttering will offer you the most brain power possible.

2. your million dollar idea is probably in that pile of papers you need to sort

You don’t keep that pile-o-paper around because you’re a slob — you keep it because you know there’s something good in there! (REALLY good!) While some of it may be old news and just need to be recycled, there’s a good chance there’s a scrap of paper or a wrinkly post-it note with an old creative idea, a basic plan, or even an old business contact you forgot about. While it might not have been quite the right time for these ideas or networking opportunities in the past, you might be in a better place or time to approach them now. You never know where you’ll find inspiration, but there’s a good chance it’s you from a year ago!

3. you’ll create more time

When you’ve decluttered your space, everything will be more efficient and take less time. No more searching for invoices, receipts, or to-do lists. When you save time by being simplified and organized, you can reinvest that time and energy into your business, (OR be more efficient while at work and get some extra time with the people you care about!). This is where true success comes from; having the freedom to concentrate your energy where you want.

4. it’ll grow your confidence

When you declutter your space and get it simplified and organized it’s almost impossible to not have thoughts like, “Man is it just me, or am I so on top of this?!” Tidiness just makes you feel like you’re killin’ it, and the moves that come from that feeling are 100% what will get you on top of your entrepreneurial game.

Whether you have a little bit of clutter or a lot, taking a few moments to organize and tidy your space can have a big impact; not only on you, but your business too!

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