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How to Easily Double Your Engagement on Instagram

Hey guys! Sarah here.

I recently got a question about how to get more engagement on Instagram, and I thought I’d share one of my key thoughts on this topic here on the blog, so you can increase your engagement too!

Easily Double your engagement on Instagram with this simple trick Sarah DeShaw The Lourve Paris France.jpg

Here's the question I received:

"What should I do when I have killer content and great photography, but I'm still not getting engagement on my Instagram posts?"


My quick answer would be to do your part to engage your audience. To engage someone literally means you're trying to get them to participate. Instead of hoping they start engaging on their own, you should invite them to the conversation! 

Let me explain further...



This is where the manners your mama taught you come in.😉 When you have a guest to your home, you would never just talk about yourself the whole time without asking them questions to make sure the conversation goes both ways, would you? You'd definitely share about yourself, but you'd also give an extra effort to engage the other person. It would be natural for the other person to respond back.


ADD a QUESTION in your INSTAgram posts

If you think about it, it's WAY more natural for someone to engage you back by answering a question (even better if it's a specific question!), rather than sitting in silence and MAYBE coming up with something on their own. *awkward!!!*

Try asking your followers a question at the end of your post that is related to what you talked about in your post. Trust me, it'll be super fun to connect with your followers and get to know them better! 


How it worked for me...

I recently noticed that I got 3x as many comments on a post where I asked a question at the end of the caption compared to one where I didn't. It's a slight tweak, but an important one! HERE is an example post where I added a question at the end of my caption, which changed the focus of the post from myself to my followers. 



Start adding in questions to your posts and see how it goes! Let me know if this helps! Talk soon!😘



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