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I'm Sarah DeShaw. I have a minimalist's heart  and a business mind.


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The CRUCIAL first step to grow your Instagram following

I know some people will buy fake followers, or find other ways to try to inflate their following just so it looks good, BUT I bet you're here to grow your following in a way that will actually grow your business. The ONLY way to do that is to grow your Instagram following with real humans who are interested in what your brand offers offers.

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4 Steps to Reclaim Your Impact

When you have goals you want to make happen, but it's just not happening because other things, people, or events chronically take your focus and energy away from accomplishing it, it's time to draw a line in the sand and set some boundaries, so you can reclaim your impact.

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Simple Salsa Chilli

This recipe couldn't be more simple, and is a crowd fav! (Even my family member who typically doesn't like chilli asked me for the recipe!). And bonus, you'll do all the cooking for this recipe in one pot; yay for less dishes to clean up!

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Mastermind: Charleston Girls Trip

I recently went on an ah-mazing mastermind trip to Charleston with 2 of my biz besties. These trips are always pivotal for me + my business. (More on that soon!) In between mastermind sessions (where we'd dig into each other's business plans, share strategies we've been learning, and help each other dissect + shift perspective on personal blocks), we explored the sights and tastes of Charleston. It's work hard/play hard at it's finest.

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Why Your Business Isn't Growing (Even When You're Marketing on Instagram!)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you take time away from finishing up a project with a client, or press pause on writing an urgent email, or even take distracted time away from your date night (oops!) to put together an amazing Instagram post that showcases your personality and creativity, anticipating that this. is. it!

This is the moment your talent will be seen and appreciated.

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